I/O Error (Code 1802)

Guy Castonguay shared this problem 18 months ago

Attempted to download a new offline map; did not have enough storage space; moved LOCUS folder to SD Card (Android 4.4.2); download proceeded; but at the end, received error message: "i-o error (code 1802)...". Said to contact you. Since then, I have moved my newly downloaded map to USB storage device and moved the LOCUS folder back to my device storage. But a LOCUS folder remains on my SD Card. I will resolve my storage issue, however, I do need help with getting my newly downloaded map correctly back into my device. And do I delete the LOCUS folder that remains on my SD Card? Thanks for your assistance.

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Good day Guy,

error code 1802 is very interesting as it seems not to be in list of internal Locus Map error codes. Possible to create a screenshot if this happen again?

Anyway from your description, I'll little bit lost what is on SD card now and what is not. With Android 4.4 is really a problem and we write about this more here: http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:faq:use_sdcard_on_kitkat . Simply only on Android 4.4 is Locus NOT ABLE to write anything on SD card, so be careful.

In your case, key is to have correctly set Locus Map directory to internal memory in menu > settings > misc > directories . You may then have stored already downloaded maps on SD card ( more in mentioned manual ), but all other data should stay in internal memory.

Not sure if I helped you, if not please try to describe your problem a little more. Thank you.


Hi Menion,Thanks for your prompt reply. I've been very busy since you replied, so just getting back to you on this.

I may have remembered the error code number incorrectly. In any event, I have solved my issue. It definitely had to do with lack of storage space on my device. The maps for the Canadian provinces are HUGE, since the major provinces are very large. I had Quebec and now needed Ontario. So after clearing out other apps, I "resumed" the download, and all was fine.

BTW, I'm very satisfied with your app. Works wonderfully! I truly appreciate the work you've put into it to make it such a great operating tool. A friend just told me yesterday that he's had it for a few years and raves about it as well. So, great job!



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Good day,

good news, perfect. I'm glad you solved this issue and that you enjoy Locus app :). If there will be any problem, feel free to contact me (us).

Have a nice day,