Is Locus Map Watch dead?

Martin M shared this question 19 months ago

I intended to buy a smartwatch (like Galaxy Watch Active) as a handlebar display on the bike. However, I found this topic which basically says the watch addon is not maintained anymore, use at your own risk.

Somewhere it is mentioned that map zoom does not work as the Galaxy Watch Active does not have a rotating bezel.

As I'd buy a Galaxy Watch Active (as example) explicitly and only for LM, I find this a bit risky as any problem (which won't get fixed it seems) might render the watch useless.

Is Garmin the only way to go right now?

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Hello Martin,

this is correct. Add-ons for Android Wear and also Samsung Watch currently works without problems, but for both, we currently miss developer, so problems that may appear, should be a little hard for us to quickly fix. Garmin add-on is currently well maintained, so if you are fine with Garmin watches, Locus Map will works there without a problem.

Just keep in mind that Garmin watches are more focused on sports activities than to serve as "Smartwatches". More about what Garmin add-on my offer may be read on our page here. Hope this helps.

Jiří M. aka Menion

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