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Is storage to SD card coming soon for Kitkat 4.4?

James Windland shared this question 8 years ago

I really liked storing my maps and such to external SD card, when is this feature coming back for Android 4.4?

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Good day James,

unfortunately this won't happen. Fact that Locus cannot read data from SD card is not because we don't want, but because new Android version do not allow it.

You may read more about it on our blog here


Would you please reconsider using Locus' own package-specific directory on SD

card and use it for writing the own data? The reasons you gave so far to not use this method were:

  1. Locus has more then one version where every version has special
    package name (it has to be), which means every version will have own
    unique directory.
  2. These directories are automatically removed after you
    un-installation of Locus app. This is not convenient in case that you
    can have GBytes of map files.

As to the first reason - I don't know how many Locus versions exist I think however that any user willing to move files from their default location on an internal storage to a SD card will should be able deal with the problem... That would be feature for power users. :-)

As to the second reason - deleting the tile cache upon Locus uninstallation would be very handy actually.

To sum up, I think the usability of external SD card support depends very much on how it is implemented. I'd like Locus to have a "Files and directories" menu in Settings where one could choose file location type by type. I would configure my Locus like that:

- online map tile cache and downloaded online (personal) maps - on SD card, Locus-specific Android/data subfolder;

- maps I purchased or downloaded from PC - Locus folder on a SD card;

- rest of files - Locus folder on an internal storage.

Of course there could be additional improvements like ability to read files of a given type from several directories (like vector maps now) while writing to one, "primary" location etc...


Pawel and others, I understand your complains about this situation. I'll try to improve Locus in this way during next weeks.

Currently, here is existing topic about this problem. So please watch news about this topic there.


Menion, a big thank you for listening to users and rapid response!

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