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Is <desc> tag necessary when export a track to gpx?

ta-ka shared this idea 8 years ago

Locus creates <desc> tag in exported gpx file. It contains track time and distance information. (<desc><![CDATA[Xh:XXm:00s | X.Xkm]]></desc>)

Then, importing the gpx file, the text in <desc> tag are copied to 'description' of the track. As a result, the time and distance are shown twice (duplicated) in track manager and track information view. So, I think <desc> tag is not needed to add unless 'Insert a formatted description' is enabled.

I would like to ask to remove adding the <desc> tag on track export. Could you think about it?

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Hello ta-ka,

agree, there is no serious reason why to export also this small generated description! Removed, thanks.

Will be improved in next version.


Thank you for the agreement and improvement. :)

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