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Is there a option to create via points instead of planing points in route planer? shared this question 3 years ago


when I plan a route for biking I want to reach all my points.

Therefore I use via points to create the route and not planing points. At the moment it's a annoying work to transform every planing point to a via point.

Is there a option ( I haven't found one) to change this?

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Hi Jonny,

if you add LoMap POIs or your personal POIs visible on map to the route, they are added as viapoints automatically. Only otherwise undefined shaping points have to be changed to via points if necessary.


Hi Michal,

how can I add a POI within the route planner?

I only know the two ways to create a next route point:

- tap on '+'

- tap on any point in map

... and then a planning point is created.


See a similar (problem) by this topic here:

System idea proposal should behave like this. Theoretical only, idea in progress ! ;-)

Locus Routeplanner. Create track(route). "Prefer (announced) Via Points, for optimal Point Priority navigation re-calculate.

+ = A single tap (add Shape) and ++ = A double tap (add Via)

Start design: Position the map and by (++) Button action add the first (start) Via Point...repositon the map and by (++) Button add the second Via Point and so on and on....


Hi Jonny,

1) LoMaps POI: download LoMaps, POIs are automatically on map. In Route planner, tap a POI and select where to add it in the route - at its start, middle or at the end.

2) your own POIs - go to Points manager and visualize needed points on map (with "eye" button or tap points folder icon to display all points in the folder). Open Route planner and points to the route the same way as is described in no. 1)

More about route planning:


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