Is track id "1000000001" allways the Navigation track?

Falco shared this question 3 years ago

Hi, I did find out that the navigation Track is 1000000001 on my device. Is this a constant value?

Would be nice to use this as an static get of the current Navigation Track.

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Good day Falco,

this number is used for temporary tracks visible on map. There is no guarantee that this is always only current navigation track, but in most situations, it should be. Anyway, use on own risk. Implementation on the app side may change without warning.



That mean

1000000000 + number of temporary tracks on map?


There should be usually only single temporary track, but may happen that track is currently used for guidance or it may be also generated track for navigation, that is not currently actively used for navigation.

I just want to say that what you try is some kind of hack and I cannot guarantee, that it will always work as you may expect.


I thougt temporary tracks insertet over API could result into more then one single temp track on map.

Anyway I will implement a message to tell how to manually select the track if autodetect fails.

Message with manual selection will popup if track name does not match to locus string resource

That should be enoth for the workarround.

Thank you.

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