Is it possible to change the account to which google mymaps ist connected?

Herbert shared this question 6 years ago

I`ve one account to which I connected when starting google MyMaps. Now I want to connect to another account but cannot find where to do so.

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Hi Herbert,

when you close Locus and then start again, you`ll be again asked for account when you try to access My Maps.

My Maps in Locus remember selected account only for a time, that Locus runs. When you just stop or kill Locus and start again, it will ask you again. So this is a way, how to change a account. Hope this helps you.


Thank you,

I didn`t recognize it cause I`m running locus as system service.

Maybe it is a good idea to implement a button to logout from google or at least a message that you have to shutdown locus to login into another account.