Google Drive support?

Giovanni Tirelli shared this question 6 years ago

Is possible import a kml file directly from Google Drive?

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Hello Giovanni,

I`m personally using only Dropbox, anyway there is possibility to long-click on any file and then tap on "Open with..." button. After that Dropbox offer list of applications that may open selected file, and in this list is also Locus. Something like this is not possible with Google Drive?


Yes it is possible with Google Drive.

Go to google drive.

Find your kml file.

Long press on the file, gives you a menu.

Select "open with"

You get a choice of applications or, as in my case, Locus started up straight away and only stopped in the import dialog box (asking me to select the proper folder for points and tracks.)


I confirm, works also with Google Drive.

Thank you very much.