Israel Trails + Mount Olympus Way-points

Jonathan Kav shared this question 7 years ago


My name is Jonathan I am from Israel.

I travel allot both in Israel and abroad. I really liked locus and bought the pro version.

I use the "AMODANAN" maps of Israel and am very pleased with the app and the enormous functions that I don`t really master yet.

Two questions:

1. is there a way to download the map trails of Israel they are marked with colors and AMODANAN has then on its own app.

2. How can i get a good description + way-points of the trail to mount Olympus in Greece? a recommended map will also be appreciated.

Thank you very much.


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hello Kavkatan,

I was waiting if someone react on your post here or on forum, but seems that not more people use and know anything about this maps and server. If you use Amudanan maps, you`ve got them probably from another source then directly from Locus, because these maps by their "terms of use" aren`t officially supported by locus.

anyway if you need to import any data into Locus, you firstly need to get them from Amudanan site. Is this possible in any way? Locus currently support these formats so you need on of them to use