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Issues continuing with loading updates of 09/07/2014

TJ Rac shared this problem 9 years ago

Received a message today from Google Play that new Locus Pro update was available .

Play indicates it is 3.1.1/3.1.2***

After the update Locus Pro DID NOT show that the external_SD card was available and automatically

loaded to the phones sdcard0 location, thus not recognizing the external_SD upon running.

This is the same issue that was present in a most recent update.

Fortunately I did save the 3.0.8 version offline. It works flawlessly for me and gives me a choice of either location. I see that 3.1.3 is now available but I will be skipping updates for a while until this issue is finally resolved.

Locus Pro 3.0.8; LG Optimus 9 ;Android ver 4.1.2


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Good day TJ Rac,

sorry for a troubles. After half a day when new version is out, I have only a possitive reactions on changes, so seems that 3.1.3 version is finally fully working and without serious issues.

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