Issues with tapping tracks on map screen

tkansgar shared this problem 7 months ago


since installing the last two versions of Locus Map I have two issues, when trying to hit one particular track on the map screen with several other tracks displayed nearby. If I hit more than one track, a list of the hit tracks is displayed (as before).

The first issue is: now this list doesn't respect the sort order set through the sort order settings dialog, which can be displayed by tapping on a symbol on top of the list dialog. Regardless of the changes in the sort order settings the order of the displayed tracks remains the same (seems to be unsorted).

The second (more annoying) issue is: If I choose one track in the list, all hit tracks remain marked by a dashed line, not only the one I chose. So I cannot recognise the chosen track anymore.

I would be very grateful, if these issues could be fixed in one of the next versions.

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I have two additional notes:

  • The track list is not unsorted but sorted by track name, regardless of the sort order settings.
  • If I unmark all the wrongly marked tracks by tapping in an area without any track, and then mark the formerly choosen and desired track by hitting it at another place, where no other tracks are nearby, all the wrongly marked tracks are marked again, although I didn't hit them. I first have to mark and unmark another single track, which is not among the wrongly marked ones. Then I can mark only the desired track.


Hello, I am also asking for an answer to your comments.



Hello guys,

thanks for the bug report and also a reminder (@JMD) :)

Both main reported issues will be fixed in the next Locus Map version. I've tested and improved bigger part of this selection system because I noticed the same issue also with points and also with deselecting items by back button when the label was visible ... in some cases. All should be fixed now, hopefully.