Issues with route tracking without GPS

bronger shared this question 9 years ago

I track my route with Locus in order to geotag my photos afterwards.

1. If I pause tracking and re-start it again, the first point of the new segment often is the starting point of the whole route -- so very wrong. Are these wrong track points an Android issue or a Locus issue?

2. I have set "Recording conditions" to "One", "Max accuracy (metres)" to 250, "Record only whilst moving" is off, "Record Cell-ID locations" is on. Still, no track points are recoding while being in a building. Why is this?

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1) this should not happen of course and if this happen, it`s problem of Locus and not Android device. What you mean by "pause"? Pause button on track record panel? So Locus still run, and just track record is paused for a while? If so, then you should see just small gap in recorded track

2) there should be a problem with "Max accuracy" value, 250m should not be enough in some cases. Anyway there is need for more then one recorded points. I`m worried that only one point will not be visible. Anyway when you have enabled recording and you display bottom panel, then under "tools" button is information screen, where you can see number of already recorded points (for example).

Let me know about point 1) so we should fix it in case problem


I`ll have another look into 1), and then I`ll keep all info to make a sound bug report.

The reason why I need all points in 2) is that I use exiftool for geotag the photos I`ve talen during the route, and exiftool has a maximal time distance for interpolation between two track points. For example: You enter a museeum, Locus stops recording points, your take pictures, you leave the museeum and recording works again. However, the time gap may be too large for exiftool, so the museeum pictures are not geotagged. (One can configure exiftool, but sometimes it`s desirable that it refuses to add uncertain geocoordinates.)

I`ll have a look into the second issue too. However, I can reproduce this behaviour without exceeding the 250m. I`ve already used the "information" tab for seeing whether new points have been taken, although I first detected the issue in the exported GPX file.

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