Jabra BT Eliste sport support

Andrea Tomasich shared this question 11 months ago

BT headset with heart sensor support - Hi do you support this product and mostly it's heart sensor? https://www.it.jabra.com/sports-headphones/jabra-elite-sport#/#100-98600001-60

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Hi Andrea,

we didn't test these earpods. Our users successfully tested Jabra Sport Pulse - it requires the native Jabra app & Jabra service app installed, up and running. Perhaps with the Eliste it will be the same.


I have the same earpods.

The problem is the following: if I start a music application (Spotify, podcast addict) before launching LMP, LMP cannot read the HRM.

If I start LMP first, I can launch the music app after and getting my HR recorded and getting the spoken feedback.

Android 9. Samsung Galaxy 8.