John Thorn Nevada USA topo missing contour lines

Buzz Boykin shared this question 2 years ago

Bought and downloaded John Thorn Nevada USA topo. At the north edge of Las Vegas and to the northwest are at least 60 miles of country where the contour lines are missing. They reach a north/south and east/west line in this area and dissapear. I deleted and re downloaded, same thing. My daughter lives in Las Vegas and I bought it for this area. Any help or suggestions or help appreciated.

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Dear Buzz,

I'm sorry for troubles. I can confirm that contour lines are really missing in the Nevada map. I'll ask John T. to fix it. I'll be in touch.


The contour lines are missing from the underlying USGS data - see attached.

I am working to fill the 'holes' with contours derived from SRTM data. This should be ready in a few days.


Dear Buzz,

the fixed version of Nevada map is available in the Locus store.

Please open Menu - Store - open detail of Nevada map > remove current file and download it again.

Thank you for understanding

Best regards



Looks good, thanks for quick response!


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