Just want to confirm that Locus adds GPS info (geotags) to Add new point (camera) photos independe

Alan Gornik shared this question 7 years ago

I have my Android camera app GPS setting to "Off" (I don't routinely want to geotag photos.) But when I used Add new point (camera) in Locus, I see the coordinates in the resulting photo properties. So I am just confirming that I can leave the camera GPS setting Off and still have Locus tag the waypoint photo with coordinates, which to me is a good thing.

A couple of other tests:

When I next turned the camera GPS setting to "On", a subsequent Locus waypoint photo now also included Altitude info. So perhaps the camera app overrides Locus if On?

I also checked photos I took using Google MyTracks similar feature. Discovered that MyTracks requires the GPS camera app to be "On" in order to record coordinates in the photo EXIF. When you view the photo "marker" it shows lat/long in the display, but this is not embedded in the photo unless your camera GPS was also On when you took the photo.



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Good Alan,

you're almost correct.

Locus just request a photo and in which app you take and what this app do, Locus don't care - so "Locus ignore settings in you camera app".

Anyway if you have, in moment Locus receive a took photo, enabled GPS in Locus and there exists valid location (GPS Fix), Locus set coordinates and altitude to exif value of photo. That's all magic.

Hope this answer your question, feel free to ask if anything isn't clear.


ok, thank you


Hi, Menion - another question if I may? Locus adds coordinates and altitude to the exif value of photo - does that mean it write the data to the header of the actual image file?

If yes, then during the "make way point with photo" dialogue, when I put in name, title, and description, does it write that information into the header of the image also? (The "IPTC" metadata info), or is it writing those values into a html file? Or both?


I'm not an export on EXIF data, because I use one tool directly included in Android. Anyway yes, coordinates are wrote directly into EXIF data of took photo. You may see them in every tool that display exif values, like any advanced image viewer (ifranView for example).

And html file - hmm, I'm not aware that Locus creates any html files.


Sorry, I use bad terminology. But I can see the data I told Locus during the making of the waypoint with photograph in the file, which is what I was wondering if it was in the actual photograph.

It dawned on me that I can open that photo in Irfan View and look at the IPTC data, and now I see that no, the information I enter into LP during the making of a waypoint by photograph is not being written into the photo's actual header's IPTC segment, although the GPS coordinates ARE being written into the exif segment of the photo header.

As for the "html files" a poor choice of words by me - The file that Locus exports as a GPX is what I think of as an XML/HTML format, and what I made BOLD below is what I thought might be written to the IPTC header segment:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>

<gpx version="1.1" creator="Locus Android"



xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1 http://www.topografix.com/GPX/1/1/gpx.xsd";







<desc>File with points/tracks from Locus Pro/3.9.0</desc>


<wpt lat="30.352695" lon="-97.835210">




<desc><![CDATA[Target 1a uphill 30 feet elevation by 35 meters distance]]></desc>

<link href="./june6finaldraft-attachments/point_1_1432407438163.jpg" />




<wpt lat="30.352550" lon="-97.834875">




<desc><![CDATA[Bail for target 1]]></desc>

<link href="./june6finaldraft-attachments/point_2_1432407601234.jpg" />





This is what LP exported as part of that track I recorded in the rain yesterday... :)


Good day Ron,

understand. Anyway I'm not a "photo-guy", so I have no idea if it is correct to write some special data like name and description into exif of photo. But my experiences says, that this is really untypical.

So, from my point of view, writing only a coordinates is correct and writing some extra information is not a standard method. Sorry.


For me personally, it is good in the way Menion sais,

I have enhancing question - is it possible to import pictures which are already geotagged and display them on the map?



Hello and thanks.

display of photos on map may be done by menu > search > localized photos at bottom. Keep in mind that this function will be changed soon.

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