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Laps count during track recording / Okruhy při záznamu trasy

Strana shared this idea 10 years ago

I tried to use Locus as a sport tracker and this feature really missing.

If it possible to set in the lap counting track recording (just optional

settings such as the one kilometer distance or 400m) ...

I use GarminConnect and this data about time on 1 km, or another set laps are really missing.



Zkoušel jsem Locus používat jako sport tracker a tahle funkce opravdu chybí.

Pokud by šlo nastavit počítání kol při záznamu trasy (stačí volitelným nastavením vzdálenosti např. po 1km nebo 400m)...

Používám GarminConnect a údaje o času na 1 km, či jiný nastavený okruh pak opravdu chybí.

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Is there anywhere topic, about creating statistics over laps, similar to this? Because only one vote?

I hope first attempt I did will be useful and all will like it ;). Feedback is welcome of course.



Excellent! Very useful!

Perhaps as added you can do that by touching on some row, we take the map "displaying" somehow the selected segment.

But maybe you could indicate to draw a point on the track every X miles, to have reference.

They are just suggestions that make the analysis of the track.



Show selected segment on map is possible. But is it really so useful? I don't know, so that's why ask :).

Drawing points on map every X km was already requested a long time ago over our support email. I agree that this should be also useful. Anyway I don't know, how many people should find it useful, so new "Idea" here on help desk is welcome.


Show or differentiate the segment see it useful to be able to locate one in a long track where you want to place this segment is. For example, in the list of segments you see one that you were faster (eg running), then you want to know what part of the track it happened. :)

Now I create an idea to show a point every X kms.




Oki, so no negative comments till now, so I'm marking this task as "Implemented"

I've also just added possibility to display segment on map.

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