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KML Exports without Element name

druki shared this problem 5 years ago

Google earth mobile app can show different imported KML Files. There is an element "name" in the XML structure which is used to be displayed in Earth. If this is missing, different KML files can not be identified. Maybe there are other elements for display in Earth, but as a quick fix it would be great to have this element in every KML (or KMZ) file that is exported by Locus.

I guess the Export name would be a good idea to fill this element.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<kml :gx="" xmlns:atom="">


<name>NL POIs</name>


Background info:

I use Locus to plan POIs and several Routes for holiday. As my family needs a simple way to see what I am planing, I export to Google earth. Every other solution is too complicated even because they can not use Locus because of the file size of the maps - and I want to need as less support in explaining the app to see my planings ;-) . At the moment, they can not distinguish the different files in Earth. Workaround for me is to manually put in the element "name" with a suitable displayname in every exported KML File before I share the file with them ...

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Good day druki,

at least my Google Earth display filename of the displayed file in case, "name" parameter is missing. Anyway adding a "name" as you suggest is not a problem I believe. So added, thanks.


Thanks Menion!

I also found out that the filename is displayed in GE if there is an "error" in the KML file. Two examples attached,

1. one correct file (no display in GE, POI is visible and "fly to" is available) and

2. one file with a "forbidden" character in KML (Unicode: "0x7" after the text "...danach die Fahrkarte vor") where the filename is displayed but the POI is not displayed and the "fly to" function is not available in GE (would be for all POIs in file).

As it is a bit difficult to find such "errors" in the KML (even more difficult to correct in a KMZ), maybe you could skip such characters at the export? I know, it's not the main issue here but maybe also a little fix in the exporter? If not, I could create a separate ticket for this.

Anyhow, thank you and your team for this great Locus Map Pro, it is my favourite app on my phone and the most important thing for my holiday planing since years!


Hmm intersting. This is some kind of "control character" what cause a problem in first file. How did you get this character into Locus point? Some copy & paste from an external source? Hmm I made small fix that may help here as well, so please check it in next version (or in Beta version at start of next week), thanks!


Yes, correct, it came in there by copy & paste. Thanks a lot for fixing the name in KML and the control character. You are great!

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