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KML import doesn't use ExtendedData

webmicha shared this problem 7 years ago
Not a Problem

for Germany, there is a list of rescue points in forests available. it comes as a kml-file.

It uses ExtendedData-Tags to describe every rescue point. A RP is just a waypoint.

I'd like to use it as mapitems in locus pro, but during import, all data between ExtendedData-Tags ist ignored.

Here is a snippet of the original file:

  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  2. <kml >
  3. <Document id="root_doc">
  4. <Schema name="V1_7_final" id="V1_7_final">
  5. <SimpleField name="RP_Nr" type="string"></SimpleField>
  6. <SimpleField name="WGS_Laenge" type="float"></SimpleField>
  7. <SimpleField name="WGS_Breite" type="float"></SimpleField>
  8. <SimpleField name="Urheber" type="string"></SimpleField>
  9. <SimpleField name="Bemerkung" type="string"></SimpleField>
  10. </Schema>
  11. <Folder><name>V1_7_final</name>
  12. <Placemark>
  13. <ExtendedData><SchemaData schemaUrl="#V1_7_final">
  14. <SimpleData name="RP_Nr">CO-L-1040</SimpleData>
  15. <SimpleData name="WGS_Laenge">11.174695</SimpleData>
  16. <SimpleData name="WGS_Breite">50.219638</SimpleData>
  17. <SimpleData name="Urheber">Bayerische Staatsforsten</SimpleData>
  18. <SimpleData name="Bemerkung">Waldzufahrt in Ortsmitte Neuses a. Brand</SimpleData>
  19. </SchemaData></ExtendedData>
  20. <Point><coordinates>11.173332329000061,50.218479605000027</coordinates></Point>
  21. </Placemark>
  22. <Placemark>
  23. <ExtendedData><SchemaData schemaUrl="#V1_7_final">
  24. <SimpleData name="RP_Nr">CO-L-1032</SimpleData>
  25. <SimpleData name="WGS_Laenge">11.050347</SimpleData>
  26. <SimpleData name="WGS_Breite">50.275033</SimpleData>
  27. <SimpleData name="Urheber">Bayerische Staatsforsten</SimpleData>
  28. <SimpleData name="Bemerkung">Einfahrt zur ehemaligen Muelldeponie der Stadt Coburg an der CO 7</SimpleData>
  29. </SchemaData></ExtendedData>
  30. <Point><coordinates>11.049001340000075,50.273866817000055</coordinates></Point>
  31. </Placemark>

At least, "RP_Nr" and "Bemerkung" should be displayed when tapping a waypoint.

Is there a way to do so?

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Hi Micha,

within you find modified .kml.

Headline is modified and 3 endtags added




please unzip attachement


Hi Wolfgang, my intention was, that I'd like to see the waypoint name in the map view. For this the <name>-tag should be added to a placemark. I think I will suggest this to the creator of the rescue points kml.

  • <Placemark>
    1. <Placemark>
    2. <ExtendedData><SchemaData schemaUrl="#test2">
    3. <SimpleData name="RP_Nr">KA1/L/022</SimpleData>
    4. <SimpleData name="WGS_Laenge">8.452039</SimpleData>
    5. <SimpleData name="WGS_Breite">49.005680</SimpleData>
    6. <SimpleData name="Urheber">ForstBW</SimpleData>
    7. <SimpleData name="Bemerkung">Waldeinfahrt Elfmorgenbruch zum Umspannwerk</SimpleData></SchemaData>
    8. </ExtendedData>
    9. <name>KA1/L/022</name>
    10. <description>Waldeinfahrt Elfmorgenbruch zum Umspannwerk</description>
    11. <Point><coordinates>8.452039133904094,49.005678678353753</coordinates></Point>
    12. </Placemark>


    Hello Webmicha,

    I'm now not sure, if there is any problem or not.

    If Locus do something unexpected, please share any KML file so I may test it. If anyway you want's to see something special on a map as a name of points (something other then name), you'll have to modify content of file itself.

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