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KMZ file problem in Locus, while it is ok in Google Earth

Andrey Sadovykh shared this problem 7 years ago


Thanks for the nice app. I use Free version so far, planning to move to Pro.

I have a problem with a range of KMZ files that loads perfectly in Google Earth, but Locus Free doesn't show them.


  • Copy KMZ file to mapItems
  • Open KMZ from map items
  • Center on the map
  • Nothing shown :'(

The example file is here:

I obtained the file from a SID from by converting it with

I would be great it could work in Locus.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. ...
  2. <Link>
  3. <href>0/0/0.kml</href>
  4. <viewRefreshMode>onRegion</viewRefreshMode>
  5. </Link>
  6. ...

nice format

...but also strange :)

please upload the file


Hi Gynta,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Here is the original SID file from



*.sid = MrSID (Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database) - a compressed image with geo informations.


Sorry don't know WHY Locus can't load your kmz

but I tried (just for a test) the converter (MAPC2MAPC) to create a sqlitedb format for you:


(used as overlay on satellite map)


Hello Andrey, gynta,

quite interesting. I never saw such KMZ file. Every map tile is in separate folder together with KML file, so map really works as multi-layer map where certain tiles are visible based on zoom level.

Interesting. And for sure not working in Locus, as such feature is not implemented. And, because it looks quite complicated, it won't work in near future, sorry.

Alternative solution is probably only as gynta suggested - convert map with external program to SQLite database. Thanks for understanding.


Hello Menion, Gynta,

Thanks for the hints. I tried to reformat and flatten the KMZ map with a simple Java program. I left only the most detailed layer.

Normally, it should be ok right now.

Here is the new kmz.

It is shown in the right way in GoogleEarth, but I didn't manage to open it in Locus Free.

Any ideas on what is missing?

Is it too large (19Mb)?

I used "draw order" 25 for all tiles.

GroundLayers don't have name.

Any problem with that?

Thanks in advance,



Also a crazy usage. You slow down your device with this huge 3072 tiles kmz.

Anyway - load file in GE - save it again (save place as..)

For me (Locus Pro it works at least with zoom level 15.

(btw. same in GE)




now it works with all zoom levels.

unzip attached kml - and replace your kml inside your kmz.



Hi Gynta,

Thanks for the help. Actually, I like the first solution much more. The last one makes GoogleEarth freeze. I think GoogleEarth tries to load all the tiles at once.

In the first solution, the number of tiles to load is subjected to the visible area, which is set by <Region> box.

So, it is no problem to navigate such a map in Locus. I think it is intelligent enough to load in memory only visible area ;).

I combine it with MBT hiking map for upper zoom levels.

To recap the final solution that works for me to load topo maps of Catalonia:

  1. Download SID maps of need Catalonia region from from
  2. Convert SID to KMZ with
  3. Extract maps for zoom level n5
  4. Flatten them.
  5. Open map with Google Earth and save it again to kmz.
  6. Copy kmz to Locus/mapItems
  7. Enjoy!

For the step 4, I have a small Java program. In case someone is interested, I may post it here.


Hmm complicated KMZ file = complicated method to display it in Locus.

Anyway thanks a lot to gynta for your help!

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