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Incorrect KMZ import

Heinz Nieveler shared this problem 5 years ago

I create a GoogleEarth KMZ with a track and several points. When I import it to LM the track is visible, but no points appears. I attach a file.

Kind regards

Heinz Nieveler

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Good day Heinz,

I'm checking your file and for me, after import, it works as expected (almost: there are missing icons for points because icon in KMZ file is in "tif" format, which Locus is not able to load).

Isn't on places where should be waypoints only a small dot instead? Try to tap on these places by finger.

Also, during import, Locus ask where to place waypoints. Icon of this folder will be used for imported waypoints.

So my first suggestion, is it possible for you to change "bahnhof_0_1.tif" icon for a PNG or JPG image? This should help to display correct icon.


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