Last Cellular Reception Position Logging

matthias.ritscher shared this idea 8 years ago

One Idea for GPS Logging: Mostly I am in areas, like mountains or very rural areas, which provide poor cellular reception. So if I do hiking from time to time I have to look at my mobile phone to be able to remember the last position where I had cellular reception to be able to use that in an emergency situation. One thing I would wish from Locus would be: during GPS Logging the last x positions of cellular reception should be marked as POI that could be used for back guiding.

From a implementation point of view that could be implemented with ServiceState class

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Good day Matthias,

really old idea. Such feature is still not implemented.

There anyway exists workaround now. You may use Live-tracking service that has the option to display last send location on the map. Because if the location will be sent depends on your network connection, it will indicate what you need to achieve.