Lenovo Tab P10, hanging up while initialising

Uwe Müller shared this problem 12 months ago
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Since 4 days app stops when initialising with a black screen.

Sometimes, after 15 min the app starts. Yesterday upgrade to Android 9 ,same problem. Deinstallation, deleting all files, new installation. Several attempts ,always the same problem. Also after upgrading to new version

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Good day Uwe,

I'm sorry to read about such a problem. You wrote you tried "delete all files". Does this mean whole "locus" directory in your device internal memory? Be careful not to lose your data, usually, enough is just to rename it to other name (like "locusBackup").

New version: you tried latest 3.39.2? I do not know if you use Free or Pro version anyway if Pro, may you give a try to Locus Map Free if there will be the same problem with start?

You also wrote that app sometime starts after a long time. Is it possible to make a backup of settings once the app start (menu > more > backup manager) and share it with me? Not sure if it helps, but at least something to start with.



Good Day Menion,

i deleted the cache and storage in Androidsettings, not the files in the Locusdirectory. I so use the Pro- Version, 3.39


I just tried the free version, it starts and shuts down automatically.

Perhaps you can see the reason in the attached screenshot (Proversion)




Hello Uwe,

I'm sorry to read you have still some troubles with Locus Map app. This error on the screenshot is really interesting. It says that app tries to communicate with the Track recording widget and this widget does not react.

I'm checking our automatic system for collecting bugs on Google Play and seems there is five users with the same issue during last week.

I see possible reason and I just made a small change that should help here. But because I'm unable to simulate problem on own device, I ask you to for the next Locus Map version 3.40 and give it a try.

Meanwhile, if the issue is really because of the visible widget, you may try to remove this Locus Map recording widget from the desktop for now.