Life heart rate in Garmin smart watch

Dobromir shared this question 20 months ago

Hi All, Anybody knows if is possible to see live heart rate data in Locus map from Garmin smartwatch directly or through some apk?

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Hi, some Garmin models support transmit of HR from their wrist sensor via ANT+ which can be paried with Locus Map. Check HR widget or wrist HR sensor setting in your watch.


Hi all,

I have tried to set my fenix5 plus in HR broadcast mode, in which it should send via ANT+ its HR to ext. devices:

but unfortunately in locus pro in the ANT Manager I only get an error "... ADAPTER_NOT_DETETCTED" at Herzfrequenz if I set it to on.

Would be cool if you would make this possible :-)


It should work if you have ANT+ on your phone, like on Samsung or Sony models.

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