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Line of tracks becomes opaque regardless of setting in case drawing outline is turned on

Arpad Orfi shared this problem 7 years ago

Tracks \ Edit (folder) \ Style on map \ Draw outline

If I turn on drawing an outline for tracks in a folder, then the lines of tracks become totally opaque, regardless of the position of the opacity slider.

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Hello Arpad,

maybe there is a small problem in setting transparency. Try to move slider with transparency and after that! select color from a choices above. This will confirm color and transparency itself. So be sure, that transparency is really set.



To be more precise:

While the transparency works OK, but the “outline” besides the track line is a solid background. It is not really an outline, but a solid, opaque line with a greater width, so if I set a transparent track line, only the white area of the “outline” can be seen behind the track line, so the name of streets remain covered, they can’t be seen.

So in the end, transparency does not work when you turn on outline.


Oki, then if I understand correctly, it is, well, correct. Locus draw two line. First outline, second base line. So generally, outlines with transparency do not work as you expect, but there is no better solution for now.

EDIT: probably duplicate topic: ?

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