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Ingo Rau shared this idea 3 years ago
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This problem made me think about line styles: Currently, they're either folder based or per-track. That makes working with different styles a hassle: For me, folder's are there to group tracks by events, like "Mountain trip 2017/07" or "Japan holiday 2015". But line styles are there to distinguish between activities (hiking, bike, train, city-walk, etc.). So the folder line style is not of much use, but I want to use the same line style for specific activities everywhere.

So it would be great if it was possible to define "preset line-styles" somewhere. Like the new preset system, it's ok if they're only applied on demand (i.e. if I change the style, existing tracks don't have to be adjusted) - that probably makes this easier to implement.

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Hallo, Ingo,

I fully support this proposal !

- Implement an option so the line style (color, width) is automatically set when a new activity mode is selected.

- Of course the style preset might be choosen individually by the user, but presets (for at least different color) in some categories (on foot, two-wheelers, cars, boat, public transportation) would be convenient.

I hope some more people are voting for this.

For my photo gallery I like to make screenshot of Locus - that gives a nice snapshot of the tour with the different modes of activity (walking, cab, public transportation):




now and then I want that too. I have all MTB in one folder and all hiking in one. These are automatically saved in this folder via the type of admission. each folder has a different line of color.

That does for all recordings in my region. For vacation (abroad) I make extra folders. Then they are pushed there. Then everyone would have the same color again.

Another case: I have a folder in which I have the lines color after slope. If I want to see the incline on a tour, I briefly copy the track into this folder. I don't want to keep the color lines here. But use that of the folder.

Therefore, one should be able to choose in the folder whether the color of the tracks in the folder should keep their clock color or whether this should change.


Another possibility: When moving a track, a question as to whether line style is retained or whether it is adopted by the folder.