Link to a map+ track from the exported track in Facebook

Ferran Astals shared this idea 6 years ago
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The should be a possibility that when you click on link of a workout/track that has exported to facebook, you should be able to see the track in a map, using one of the online service that can be chosen (like gpsies) instead that redirecting you to the locus map website that there's anything to see.


I understand that there should be some kind of Marketing, but for us, paying users, there's no need to go every time to the locus site. We already know the program.

Runkeeper, Runtastic, Mapmyride, endomondo, they offer their own site with maps, I think this feature is really missing.

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Good day Ferran,

absolutely agree and it is also planned!

Unfortunately this feature is blocked by fact, that we still do not have own solution where tracks should be stored. So for now, it works as it works. Once this feature will be completed: , this feature will be also possible!

Happy voting!

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