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Listing and Images content of Geocaches are empty in landscape mode

Die Batzen shared this problem 5 years ago

If you open details of any Geocache in Locus Map then Listing and Images are empty in landscape mode.

In portrait mode everything is shown as expected:

  • open any Geocache listing in Locus
  • stay in portrait mode
  • switch to Listing tab --> content is displayed
  • now rotate the phone to landscape mode -->nothing is shown in Listing tab
  • switch back to portrait mode --> still nothing is displayed in Listing tab

The same holds true for the Images tab.For all other tabs this is not an issue.

Locus Map Pro: 3.29.2

Phone: Samsung A3

Android: 7.0

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Good evening Thomas,

thank you for a bug report! Issue will be fixed in next version.



Hi Menion,

can confirm that the issue is solved in v3.30, thanks.


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