Listing and Images content of Geocaches are empty in landscape mode

Thomas S. shared this problem 10 months ago

If you open details of any Geocache in Locus Map then Listing and Images are empty in landscape mode.

In portrait mode everything is shown as expected:

  • open any Geocache listing in Locus
  • stay in portrait mode
  • switch to Listing tab --> content is displayed
  • now rotate the phone to landscape mode -->nothing is shown in Listing tab
  • switch back to portrait mode --> still nothing is displayed in Listing tab

The same holds true for the Images tab.For all other tabs this is not an issue.

Locus Map Pro: 3.29.2

Phone: Samsung A3

Android: 7.0

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Good evening Thomas,

thank you for a bug report! Issue will be fixed in next version.



Hi Menion,

can confirm that the issue is solved in v3.30, thanks.