Live location autostart feature

Paulo Oliveira shared this problem 28 days ago
Not a Problem

If the live location autostart feature is active when Locus app starts the gps option that controls the gps state when Locus App starts is Overriden even if the gps option is selected as "previous state".

This is a bit annoying and I thinknis not the best procedure. If Live Location Autostart option is selected the Live Location service should only autostart when GPS location IS active, either set automatically or manually, but never force the GPS location STATE to active by itself, at least without any warning!

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Hi Paulo,

interesting question of priorities. According to our testing and surveys, users prefer features that are set for auto-start to start automatically and switch all other necessary settings ON so that the automatic start executes. Nobody wants to be annoyed by announcements about something turned off when primary goal is to have a feature automatically active. If your personal priority is GPS status, then don't use automatic start of features.

best regards

Michal, Locus team