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Live Tracking configuration lost after update

Auric Goldfinger shared this problem 8 years ago


After updating to version 3.14.0, my live tracking configuration was lost: I had a couple of custom services configured which were suddenly gone.

Not a high priority issue since I already re-added the configuration, but Locus seems to suffer from data loss now and then (similar to what I described in )...

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Good day Auric,

in this case, Locus did on background conversion from old storage system to new system (just for live-tracking). Anyway I've tested it a lot and it worked fine, interesting.

In worst case, you may try to restore live-tracking configuration from automatic backup. There should be a file stored in Locus/data/config/ or new, that contains tracking configurations. So you may restored this file from zipped backup file.

Sorry for a troubles!

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