Live tracking: how to find my buddy? [Add user list for LT group with sorting by buddy distance]

Henk van der Spek shared this idea 2 years ago
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Last week we tested the live tracking in the public room. It is a valuable extra tool but off course very dependend on mobile connection.

Example: if we each start at the opposite end of a 20 km track it is not easy to find your buddy. Takes a lot of scanning and scrolling with the map. After finding my buddy I usually start guidance to have easy control but that blocks my usual "guidance along a track"setting.

If I could click open the public room and participants were sorted by distance, it would be much easier. OR AM I MISSING SOMETHIENG? I read the manual twice!

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no, you are not missing anything. Such feature would indeed be useful we have already debated some time ago, that we should implement some kind of user list for the room and the ordering by distance would nice improvement also. I will promote this question to an idea so that others can vote and I will have it "on the radar" when we implement new features.

Thank you for the tip and feedback.

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Great, I'll wait for it. The webversion at least let me open the userlist:

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