Live Tracking improvements for SAR

Fykantrollet shared this idea 6 years ago
Gathering feedback


Great work on the live tracking feature! We want to test the use of this in our local SAR team, but there are a few things missing from making it perfect for this:

1) The snail trails of users must be possible to store, for example as a route. This requires that no data is deleted even if user logs off or is out of network. Also the 10 minute limit of stored data should be gone.

2) Include the option to send not just waypoints but routes via live chat. These routes can then easily be put in folders where they will be displayed according to pre defined setup (for example filled area to indicate search area).

3) Show an arrow to indicate the direction of users, or no arrow if stationary.

Some of these items have been suggested by other users also...

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And pre-deffined messages, possibility to share sensor data via livetracking (heading line, temperature,...), Iist of users in group with their distance and heading, and option to send points/tracks from managers to groups.

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