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Live Tracking: only 4 seconds of the sound file warning

Igor Magellan shared this problem 8 years ago

After starting the "LiveTracking" a real route and the real loss of the cellular network and data transmission, a notification is triggered, but voiced only the first 4 seconds of the sound file. This is a bug or a feature? In the settings file sounds completely.

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Hello Igor,

playing of notification sounds is limited to 5 second directly in code of Locus. This is mainly because as you probably noticed, there is no visible option, how to disable this sound notification.

Did you consider this as a problem? Because enabling unlimited play time will require creating also some option to disable by tap every possible notification in Locus and there is a quite lot of them.

So if you will agree, I'll keep this limit as is. Or any better idea? Discussion is welcome.


Hi, Menion!

If you think in general this perspective, the warning limit of 5 seconds is not tragedy for me. You can think of the phrase is shorter, to reduce the gaps between words and beeps, go to the English, in the end, the phrase on it substantially shorter Russian. No problems. And you can just add a variable, hidden somewhere in the Locus/config.cfg, especially for people like me :) For example, I would like to have 6-7 seconds to finish her aunt until the end. (listen to the phrases)


("Mobile network signal is lost. Livetracking suspended")

When I go on a route or just strolling through the mountains, forests, I have usually included livetracking to my home were quiet where I am and what I'm all right. Mining and rugged terrain. With cellular phone coverage is not good at all locations. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of what happens, in what condition GPS, livetracking, battery, current time, etc. All this is implemented, if possible, different signals. Smart is usually found in the inner pocket of the jacket. And in order to understand what it squeaked smart, we have to remove gloves and get into the pocket. Therefore, all the squeaks phone equipped with additional explanatory messages TTS or banal WAV / OGG

1 beep + TTS - the beginning of the hour

2 beep + msg - has GPS fix

3 beep + msg - the loss of GPS fix

4 beep + TTS - Battery 50-30-20-15%

.... etc.

But, once again, you can only have such a strange way of using smart and most people have enough and that there is. It is not critical.

However, what is really needed - a notice on the resumption of the successful transfer of coordinate tracking!

here I tried to throw a little idea


I'm convinced. In next version will be new settings in config file:

  1. notify_sound_limit_length

that allows to define max. length of played sound.

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