Live tracking side panel

Bucky Kid shared this idea 8 years ago
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Hello, I suggest to move live tracking profiles to side panel same fashion like track recording panel is.

- On right toolbar button tap slide out left panel with all server profiles with Start and Stop button. Also profile could be started/stopped by simple entry tap. Profiles could be edited and deleted on long tap menu.

- After tracking profile is started, hide the left panel and show the tab handler on left

- For all active profiles expand the entry on panel and show a little stats: count positions successfully submitted, count submit errors, time and distance from last successfully submitted position

- When last profile stops, close the panel and hide the tab handler

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Is it possible, if I know buddy's nickname to mark him for watching his status, as soon as he's being tracked online, Locus will notify me and show his position, with option to dynamic guiding/navigating to target?

Online tracking profile on list could have expandable sublist in textual form of all currently online tracked users.

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