Live traffic not live?

alx6ths shared this problem 6 years ago
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after some time of using google traffic layer as overlay, i came to conclusion that traffic is not updated.

When i look at google maps app on tablet or browse google maps on desktop, i see different traffic than in locus.

Is it a bug, or iam having something wrong set?

Thank you!

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I don't think, the Locus team will give support to unsupported maps/overlay from google maps.

...but maybe I'm wrong :)


Hi, i don't understand what you mean with "unsupported" ? Can you explain that little more please?


After a fresh Locus installation, there is no google maps (overlay) available.

You have imported your own map source

...or you use an 3rd party app (e.g. MapsTweak , right?

For troubles with the MapsTweak App please post there:


Maybe it helps:

Set Set 'Valid for' to minimum.


- allow to define number of hours, that cached tile will be valid. For example, if you want to have always fresh map, set time to 168 hours (7 * 24 hours = 7 days) and when stored tile will be older then the value, Locus will automatically download new tile and replace old one. Warning: every map have only validity limit. Most maps have unlimited, but some are limited to maximum time. You cannot set higher value. Set '0' to clear you set value.



Thanks for clearing this up.

I have tried to set the Valid time to minimum and it looks like it works better at least. Thanks for the tip.


Thanks gynta for help! I have nothing more to say here :).

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