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Lock title while update a geocache

Wolfgang shared this idea 7 years ago


I export from GSAK my geocaches and modify the title of the geocache so that I have addition information (user flag, terrain, corrected coordinates, favorite points,...) in the title. When I now do an update the title is reset to it's original one.

GSAK has a feature to lock defined fields while import. I'd like to have the possibility here too. The title would be sufficient. What do you think?

Please have a look at the picture.

Thanks Wolle

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Good day Wolfgang,

this is really interesting idea, mainly for really "hard core" geocachers.

May you please write me, what is advantage of this feature? Because most of information in your title is already visible in extra information directly in the list of points.


Hi Menion,

yes I know some information is twice ;)

Here is the description of all fields I set:

[!2,5R*] (99) GeocacheName

[CorrectedCordinates Terrain Container UserFlag] (Favorit)

Information may be missing if it does not mach. E.g. I only put Fav-Points if there are more than 30.

I get in the list of geocaches a quick overview about corrected coordinates, favorite points and if I marked the cache (user flag of GSAK - I use this for tour planning)

The terrain and size is an old value I used earlier with my Garmin GPS because there I could get this information easily while navigation of just by tapping on the map. For locus there is not that need, but I'm used too have it and in the sun it's easier to read text than counting star symbols.

The trick with the brackets is that I'm able to filter for favpoints greater than 30 and also if it is user flaged.

If there maybe would be any native option on locus to filter for fav points and to get the user flaged caches of GSAK maybe I would stop changing the name of geocaches. But I guess it would not be that easy to get the user flag from GSAK to locus....

That's the reason why I'd like to lock the name field while updating caches.

Thanks. Wolfgang


Good day Wolfgang,

thank you for a precise explanation. I now think more then before, that such feature is really specific for your use case. Locus is advanced tool (also) for geocaching, but not so much as GSAK and other tools. This is not, what Locus Map going to be.

So I'm sorry, idea declined. When there will be more people interested in it, we may open this topic later. Thanks for understanding.


That's what I was afraid of. But I just had a look at the GPX export of GSAK. There really is a flag in the export for marked geocaches. It's a boolean one:



Maybe once you add a feature to mark waypoints/geocaches from locus the native way and so an import of GPX could also tag this one ;) That would then be a win-win situation for all :D ;)

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