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Locus 3.44 & Map Themes?

Steve L shared this question 3 years ago


I'm confused! So what else is new?

So what is the deal with the current Locus version... Are themes required to be loaded and if so, do they apply to all maps or just the old V3.

I am also referring to the maps available from It is not at all clear what is needed and under what conditions. From this web page it appears that a theme is NOT required for V4 maps. However, I recently updated my main Carolina map last Sunday and I have just noticed that there is a NEW Elements AND Elevate folder under the Themes directory.

Also in Locus I don't see how to access/set a map theme any more as is shown on the OpenAndroMaps web page. Has this been removed?



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Dear Steve,

I'm sorry but there is wasn't any changes in the themes in the latest version. It's required to use the proper theme for the map you downloaded. So the list of themes can change based on the displayed map (because the version of map).

How to switch the theme is described at

Best regards


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