Locus Action <after>importData|deleteSource<-after> isn't working

Bob Denny shared this idea 6 years ago

From what I can tell, if you combine importData and deleteSource in <after> of a LocusAction, the data is deleted before the import starts. If I remove deleteSource, the data is imported OK, but the file remains and cannot again be downloaded unless its size changes. It would be nice if this worked like extract|deleteSource.

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I have firstly marked this your topic as a problem, but after a while (after checking a code that handle this), I realised that it's an intent and that task "importData", has highlighted note "Have to be last!".

What I may suggest is to try to download data to

  1. Locus/cache/temp

directory. This directory is deleted everytime you exit Locus so it should be safe to use it for import and also be sure, data will be deleted later.


Ahhhhh OK. I note that I do not have a Locus/cache/temp folder at all. I assume, then, that the whole temp folder is deleted at exit (one operation, simpler)? This is almost as good as importData|deleteSource...


That's correct. Locus delete content and also "temp" directory on exit.