Locus Action HTTP Basic Authentication

Bob Denny shared this idea 10 years ago
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This is going to be a strange one... I would like to offer downloading ind installation/importing of things that are on a web site that requires username/password for access (HTTP "basic authentication", username/password nothing more, no encryption etc). So if I log into the site, thereafter all of my HTTP requests carry the

Authorization: Basic blablablablablabla==

I'm not quite sure how this works in Android, but I suspect that the method for activating locus-action:// carries information about the HTTP "GET" request including its headers, and therefore the needed Authorization: "stuff". If this is present, then that same Authorization info could be added to the GET request generated for the <source> URL in the Locus-Action XML... if the domain matches. The effect would be to allow a Locus-Action to download things from an access-controlled place.

I hope this give you the idea of what I am looking for. There may, of course, be better ways to accomplish the same thing. I don't think it would be a good idea to put the username/password into the Locus-Action XML itself, though!

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Just revisiting this, it would make it possible to put things for Locus Actions on a Google Drive or DropBox that is not public.

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