Locus adding .back extension to my database.

Vitali Kolos shared this problem 4 years ago
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After switching from offline mode back to online, Locus wouldn't use my cached maps. It would add a .back extension to the existing database and would create a new cached maps file.

if I never go into offline mode, I can continue using my existing maps cache, up until I go into offline mode and then back to online. Removing a newly created file and removing the .back extension from my database, will not make Locus recognize the old file.

The issue started a long time ago, a few years back at least. I was forced to delete my cached maps file (which was nearly 2Gb) and use the newly created file and that seemed to fix the issue for a while, I could switch between online and offline with no problems. Now however the same trick will not work. As soon as I go into online, a new file is created.

I don't have time to sit and troubleshoot the issue and so was forced to use other map apps.

Should I try to do a clean install?

Running Locus Pro 3.9.0 on rooted Note 3 (stock ROM) and Locus is on the extSD card with all the map files.

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Forgot a screen shot.


I've tried to reproduce your problem - without success.

plz try:

go to menu >settings >misc >clear temp data >check only temp files (cache dir)

this should force locus to check maps again


While I was at it, I bit the bullet and removed Locus completely with directories, after backing up my personal maps.

Then I installed a newer 3.9.1 version from the Play Store and I've got to tell you that there are some new menu items and interface elements that were absent from the earlier version.

I don't think these changes were made over the last update (for example the green color pop up notification saying to hit back button again to exit, rather than a small window with OK or Cancel).

I've been using Locus for too long (even after upgrading the phone, I copied a compete Locus folder into the new device to retain all my settings and files) and my guess was some of the app's features were not updating and were carrying over from the very old versions, which in turn started giving me some sort of compatibility issue I've mentioned in the OP.

All is good now.


Hello Vitali,

the *.back file is created by Android system when database file is corrupted. This could be also reason why Locus does not use offline cache. Clear cache or removing database file is good solution because it forces locus to create new cache files.