Locus app disappearing quietly on Samsung phones

joeloc shared this problem 2 years ago

After moving from a Note 2 with CyanogenMod to a Note 4 with original Samsung ROM, I noticed that Locus sometimes would simply die quietly throughout the day. Obviously, track recording would stop and I would lose data until I looked at my phone again and noticed that the Locus app was gone. Not even the "run Locus as service" option in Locus fixed this.

I believe the reason for this is Samsungs hyper active and completely brain dead memory management, that goes around and kills apps at will. You can read excellent details on this here:

It also explains how to disable this major Samsung nonsense, but only when you're rooted.

If you're not rooted, I think you're out of luck. I have no idea if there's anything Locus can do to prevent from being killed. It will obviously depend on how many other apps you use in parallel, what things happen on your phone, and probably on the moon phase too. If you've never experienced any Locus disappearances on newer Samsung phones with original ROMs, consider yourself lucky. But if you've had the same problem, this might explain the reason. My troubles stopped when I disabled the samsung memory management as explained in the above link.

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Hello joeloc,

thank you for an extra information. I've read a while this info from you in different thread. Quite surprising that Samsung has in these days ( when Android became more and more stable and quite well tuned ) needs, to improve such core feature like memory management.

I was fighting quite a lot with similar problems two/three years back, with Android 4.x mainly. There were also quite aggressive system and I remember well, that I've spend many hours by reading topics about possible methods how to keep application alive. "Locus as a service" is the best I was able to do and as I remember, it helped a lot in that times.

Anyway Track recording service use already for some time same technique like "Locus as a service". If you had enabled both methods at once and still were Locus killed on such powerful device, there is a free memory last think you have to worry about, then my possibilities are out of luck. Sorry to say, but I've exhausted all possibilities two years ago. Since then, there is nothing new I may implement as I remember.


Nice find joeloc!

I'm probably "safe" with Note 3 on stock Lollipop 5.0.1 then? I do not get lost services, but I do not track 5+ hours either. If, however I do, I use a BT gps never fail..and maybe BT services/protocol keep Locus alive :-)

Sure hope this "bug" is fixed by Note 6, cause that's the device I'm waiting for..