Locus - audio guide

Petrov Vladimir shared this idea 5 years ago
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Furthermore, using the "point by point" voice guiding and connection between point of track and POI, can offer an interesting additional functionality - audio guide! To do this, play an audio file from the POI. Imagine riding a bike and a car, when voice tell interesting details of places and objects that you pass. Moreover, the use of "point by point" lets advance start the story next POI, even before we came in this POI. All this automatically - hands free.

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Actually it would also be neat to read the description of point rather than having to put a voice band. You could define a circle of interest and probably groups and then Locus would comment on arriving POI. By example locus to speak: on your right about 1km ahead you will see "the castle of Versailes" and then continue with the reading of the description.