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Locus Beta shows no vector map

Stephan shared this problem 3 years ago

This is a screenshot of the paths used Locus beta.3b043a16ac1ae220d208a5179a29809e3e5401ec2715eab132ace792321997f6This are the paths in Locus Pro.

But Locus beta do not show vector maps. This maps are also not offered at the map tab.

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Hi Stephan,

there is an error in the path leading to your mapsVector folder - "". Please re-define the path again correctly.



I "re-define" the path, no change in behavior.

Did you recognized

  1. that I want to use with Locus beta the paths of Locus Pro?
  2. that one screenshot is of Locus Pro and the other one of Locus beta?
  3. that there are no different spelling in the paths in this two screenshots?


Hi Stephan,

1. no, I didn't know you want to use Pro folders in Beta, you didn't inform me about it

2. actually, you mentioned that but the screenshots are identical

3. yes that I noticed.

Nevertheless, in the mapsVector folder path definition is misspelled folder name: "", not "". I don't have a clue how this misspelling happened but it is there and therefore Locus can't find path to the maps.

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