Locus changing its work directory

GarenKreiz shared this problem 7 years ago

For the last two or three versions, Locus (Pro, now version 3.1.3) sometimes changes its work directory.

I have a Locus directory on external sd (/mnt/sdcard/external_sd on a Galaxy S2 running 4.0.4).

At some point, Locus shift to another directory (/sdcard/Locus) and has lost the POI, recorded tracks and some preferences (menus, themes) but is still able to find vector maps on external SD. I delete the directory and restart Locus. Locus finds the directory on external SD and proposes to use it: everything is ok again.

Later, at some point, when starting, Locus proposes a choice between 2 directories (/mnt/sdcard/external_sd/Locus, /sdcard/Locus). I choose the first one and makes it the default one. I works for some time, then everything starts again : it shifts to the internal directory!

Connecting the phone to a PC or reboot it seems to be related to the problem, although I carefully wait for the media scan of Android to be completed before launching Locus!

The problem as already been published but was marked as solved.

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Hello Garen,

sorry to hear about such problem again.

It's quite weird that this happen in a way you wrote. Because everytime, something change in folders structure, Locus should firstly notify about "change" and not automatically select diferent folder.

Is there a way for you, to simulate this problem? If so, you should try test version and create for me a logs, where should be visible which condition during start failed and Locus choosed invalid directory. So if you are able to simulate it and have some time to test "Locus Beta version" and create a log, let me know.


Should be finally fixed in latest 3.2.2 version

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