locus-data-import folder is massive and never shrinks

joeloc shared this problem 7 years ago

The folder /locus/data/import is massive here... apparently everything that has ever been inside a KMZ (import or mapitem) goes in there? It is currently 1.3GB on my device... with lots of old and unused stuff I guess. Will it ever shrink again or just grow until the phone dies or the user helps Locus out with a file manager?

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I believe the massive size is because I use(d) KMZ image pyramids as mapitems... they get unpacked to /locus/data/import and then just sit there, eating space, even when mapitem is disabled or the kmz file is no longer used / deleted.

Not sure about a correct automatic cleanup procedure... but at least deleting the stuff manually from settings - mic - clear temporary data should be possible.


Hello joeloc,

six years and finally someone noticed this most most problematic Locus directory ... /data/import aka "trash".

I'll look at it during next weeks and I'm sure, there will be something I may do with it. It is not so simple to just delete it as in this directory may be "rare" data from once imported files (like from Google Drive etc.) anyway data from files from "Map items" may be deleted without a worries. So mainly as you wrote, KMZ maps which took most of space.

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