Locus displays wrong Map when using "Track Preview/Export"

Daniel Gru shared this question 2 years ago


i really like the Track Preview (or is it called "Export"?) - Function in Locus.

I have successfully used the created image, to display the route i took in my blog. (For example, look at this Blogpost: (First Picture in the blogpost).

Now I'd like to do the same for a hiking tour I did in Scandinavia.

In Locus I have the openandromaps of the area i was hiking in, but also a Map from the Swedish company "Lantmateriet - Topo".

As the map from Lantmateriet is much more detailed, I'd like that map to be used when exporting a track preview.

I have activated the Lantmateriet map in Locus, deactivated the openandromap.

And still, everytime I click on "track preview" wanting to export it, the track I made is projected onto the openandromap, and can't be changed.

Is this because of copyright-reasons? Or is there some bug I have encountered or some workaround I haven't discovered yet?

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Good day Daniel,

looks like really nice trip :).

Current system is not a bug. To be sure, map will correctly cover in required zoom level area of track, only vector maps ( OpenAndroMaps, LoMaps, etc. ) are used. Other maps cannot be currently used for this feature. For now, I may only suggest to vote for existing idea here: .

I've also checked that for my surprise on map is no shading. I do not know if you use it or now, anyway it is a bug in current version. I've fixed it, so in next version, in case of enabled map shading, it will be also draw on this "Track preview". So it may give a quite empty map nice "deep" effect,

with regards,



Hey Menion,

ok thanks, glad I wasn't doing anything wrong.

Shading effect on the map sounds great, especially in the wild and empty parts of lappland, the map displayed did look a bit empty. Waiting for the Update :-)