Locus File Manager does not recognize gpx file

Eberhard shared this question 2 years ago


I want ti ompoert gpx-files, wich I copied in the Folder "\\\files\".

Zero files are displayed even though there are many gpx files. With the PC and the Windowase Explorer, all files are displayed.

When importing from other sources, such as Dropbox or GoggleDive is the same problem.

Thank you

My Fon: Samsung Galaxy S4,

LocusPro Version 3.27.1

The klm-files are not visible either

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Hi Eberhard,

I've tested import and all seems to be fine - both import from a local folder or Dropbox. What version of Android do you have?



There has to be a bug somewhere in Locus Map, as it used to see the .gpx files on the sd-card, but now, for some reason, not anymore. It seems like the software is stuck on an earlier view of the directory and does not adjust to a new situation.


Hi, we didn't manage to simulate your issue and noone else has reported it except you so most probably it is not a bug in the app. Please, try to follow the instructions I had sent to your ticket regarding this.