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Locus fit course file conform ?

0709 shared this problem 3 years ago

Some software reject the Locus generated course fit file.

Compare: Plotaroute generated course fit file = ok.

- Garmin Training Center: No import. Message: Does not contain any courses.

- Plotaroute web: No import: Message: Unable to read the uploaded file. Please check that it is in a compatible format.

- Garmin Basecamp: No import.

I tested also by:

- Fit File Analyzer (drop) import. Message: TypeSpecific field should not be 1 for data messages.

Testfiles attached.

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Hello Willy,

thanks for this bug report and sharing a file. May you please attach me here also exported GPX file? I'll try to re-import and try export & some experiments on the same file. Because currently, I have absolutely no idea what is wrong ...



Source file = The Plotaroute fit file.

Import the fit file and than export into .fit file by Locus.

I only changed description (By Locus)

Some hints.

See post: Wednesday 13 Nov 2019 09:51:31 by plotaroute admin

"A good tool to use to inspect the contents of FIT files is the Fit File Repair Tool"

See post: Wednesday 28 Aug 2019 10:53:49 by Dom McIntyre

"I can tell you (because I wrote it) that the library that generates the FIT output...."


Thanks Willy,

I'm trying to find out why the reason of this error and even that I've found why this happens in the mentioned "Fit file analyzer" web page, I have no idea what it means and why this happens in Locus Map. Analyzer try to load objects from FIT that does not even exist and I'm no expert on FIT files yet. Sorry, I can't help here now ...


Okay I understand. I personally do not need these (limited) COURSE fit files for Locus to Locus exchanges.

A compressed (zip) easy-to-understand gpx (1.0) Locus nav file contains more nav information per smaller file size.

It was my intention to promote Locus OFFLINE router (fit) generator for Garmin Edge Gps mobile user(s).

But first let's test, because I don't like a recommendation that returns like a boomerang ;-)

So I will have to "pause" my Locus advertising message for a while. No problem sir.


Hmm, this Locus Map for Garmin add-on uses exactly this export feature to transfer tracks/routes from Locus Map to Garmin watches and we do not register a single complaint on the exported FIT format.Also web page is some kind of one-man made test page so I also do not consider this as "Must-work" web.

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