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Locus for android 2.3.6

jan saramak shared this question 7 years ago

I have a older phone with Android 2.3.6 and want to use LOcus but

newiest version is not compatible, whe I can get newiest compatible

version? thx

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Hello Jan.

Please install the last compatible Locus app, version 3.5.3 here

In case of questions please contact us.


Please read

and answer to your question: use a device with android 4.0 or higher


thanks for quick response

super support :)


I try to install Locus Pro on my old phone with Android 2.3.6.

After the install of the last compatible Locus app, version 3.5.3 (,

At the start of the app, I try to download the 5MB files necessary to boot, as it is asked.

But it is impossible, the starting process stops with a message :

"processus infructueux, Erreur : 1121,1811"

Thank you for your help


Hello dear Locus Team.

I have the exact same issue and the same error message is displayed. There is an option to enter a Voucher code. I really need Locus on this phone (android 2.3.6) and is worked smoothly for many years. Now, after a reset, I am no longer able to install as the market app simply says "Not compatible with your phone".

It would really mean a great deal to me if I would be able to get locus running (the installation went fine, it's simply these last 5 MB that won't work).

Thanks in advance!

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