Locus + Google Earh PhotoOverlays

Diego Andres Alvarez Marin shared this idea 4 years ago

Hi Menion,

What about this idea:

Google Earth can show not only the position of the photo (Lat, Lon) but also its direction using PhotoOverlays:

PhotoOverlays are photographs that are directly embedded in the Earth's


I found that functionality in "Google My Tracks" and I really liked it!!

It would be great if you could include that functionality in Locus

Thank you very much for your great work,


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Good day Diego,

may you please share with me any sample file I may use for testing? I would like to check what is expected from this feature. Thank you.


Dear Menion,

Please find attached the requested file with the Google Earh PhotoOverlays. You will see that the photos are located using the heading, tilt and roll of the gyroscope of the smarthphone.






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2015-12-26 10:42 GMT-05:00 Locus Map <>:


Good day Diego,

unfortunately I do not see attached file. Were you success? Maybe it is required to rename it to zip to be able to attach it here.

Anyway I'm checking more precisely description about "what is photo overlay", because I never used it before. And to be true, I have absolutely no idea, how this may be implemented in simple 2D map application that Locus is. Even if I create and system how to +- display 3D photos to 2D map, there will still be any limitations. So quite simple answer "Has Locus support for photo overlay", which is now "no", end with "yes, but ...".

So if there won't be any amazing idea, how to do it (it probably won't be), I would rather stay in "no" as for now. Thanks for understanding.