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Locus keeps downloading geocaching imges with each new opening of the listig.

popescu shared this problem 8 years ago

Every time I'm out geocaching and I open a listing that has a lot of images that haven't been downloaded yet, locus downloads them automatically via the mobile network as I'm reading the listing / view the Images tab. So far good. The problem is thay when I close the listing and open it again, the images are sudden all gone and locus downloads them again.

Not only it consumes my data, it's also extremely annoying cause as the images get loaded one after another, the text jumps down with each new image and you have to keep scrolling and scrolling. Or you start reading a sentence and a new image finishes downloading, the text jumps and you have to search again that part where you were before...

Why can't locus simply save the images once they are downloaded? Why does it download them over and over?

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Good day popescu,

what happen to you is not a problem directly in Locus. Tab with listing is called "webView". It is an Android component that allows to embed web pages into application and this web view handle everything on it's own, also a caching of images.

Anyway as I know, this cache is limited and Android often re-download already downloaded images as happen to you.

Because of this problem, there exists two solutions. One is that you may use "GC Offlinizer" and predownload images for all caches before you leave your home wi-fi. Second option is experimental - in config.cfg file ( ) is parameter "

dev_enable_auto_gc_offlinizer". Change it to "1", which enable automatic caching of all imagesto Locus/data/geocaching directory (same as do GC Offlinizer). This option is in some testing mode as it has a small, not yet fixed, problems.

Hope I help you. I'm well aware of this problem and one or second above solution may help here.


Hi Menion,

the problem with GCofflinizer is that it's very slow. Using it to download images for all the caches before I leave home takes ages. So I'm in favour of the second option.

What are those small problems exactly?


Hmm I do not remember exactly :). Anyway main problem was, that if you use "downloading of images" also with G4L, Locus then tried to download images twice, so they ocupy twice a more space and also there were some small problems with rendering. For me, it worth it and it will also for you probably, as benefits are really big. Anyway because of these small problems, I left this feature in BETA state (and forget on it). If you will be using it for a while and results will be positive, this option may be added directly into Locus.


If I remember correctly, version or two back I made some improvements in caching of images (which indeed wasn't working perfectly). So together with this "automatic offlinizer", it should be now quite usable solution.

I believe I may close this issue now.

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